ELSS, Special Leave Petition and Salt Spitting

Today's Finance Jargon
Equity linked savings schemes (ELSS) are mutual fund investments that also provide tax savings. ELSS funds are invested entirely into the equity markets, thereby providing good opportunities for growth. However, ELSS schemes also carry the risks associated with the equity market, and there's no guarantee of any fixed returns.

Today's Law Jargon
Special Leave Petition
The correctness of any order made by any court or tribunal can be questioned by filing a petition in the Supreme Court under Article 136 of the Constitution. If the Supreme Court grants permission, i.e. "leave", the petition is registered as an appeal.

Today's Engineering Jargon
Salt Spitting
The ability of an anion exchanger to convert a salt solution to caustic; the ability of a cation exchanger to convert a salt solution to acid.
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