Days Working Capital, False Pretenses, Pressure Cap

Today's Finance Jargon
Days Working Capital
Days working capital is an accounting and finance term used to describe how many days it will take for a company to convert its working capital into revenue. The faster a company does this, the better.
To calculate days working capital, the following formula can be used:
Days Working Capital= Avg Working Capital ×365/Annual Sales Revenue
Days working capital can be used in ratio and fundamental analysis.

Today's Law Jargon
False Pretenses
The crime of knowingly making untrue statements for the purpose of obtaining money or property fraudulently. This can range from claiming zircons are diamonds and turning back the odometer on a car, to falsely stating that a mine has been producing gold when it has not. It is one form of theft.

Today's Engineering Jargon
Pressure Cap
A special cap for the radiator , it holds a predetermined amount of pressure on the water in the cooling system , this enables the water to run hotter without boiling. In this way, the engine can operate at a higher and a more efficient temperature without danger of overheating. The cap also has a vacuum valve that lets air into the cooling system if the pressure falls too low to prevent outside air pressure from causing a partial collapse of the radiator.
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