Not This Again! A Guide to Get Over Frustration

Article Contributed By: Megha Sreeram
It is exam times again and many of us would be preparing for the D-Days very sincerely. Our daily routines might seem worse than the stereotypical Ekta Kapoor mega serial stories. In case you don’t get the reference, as far as I know about them, all daily soaps had the exact same story (link it to our daily routine of study, eat, exercise, study, eat…) and it would always be possible to continue without any qualms, even if we had missed watching the stuff for a good one week.
I also expect bouts of frustration and sheer annoyance and helplessness that might take over us during these times. Fret not, my comrades, for it is completely normal. You are totally sane and of sound health. That is what most of us go through and you are not alone in that boat.

How to deal with such mood swings and frustration? Trust me when I say this, this is not going to be a one time affair. You are pretty much gonna have this like 24 times a day, everyday. Only that the magnitude of it differs. So let us get to the point now, without much ado.
Firstly, consider yourself to be normal. Congratulations! You have crossed half the hurdle. The comfort that this mere thought gives is just amazing. It feels like we are a team in it and are not left alone inside the cage of a livid Tiger. So, console yourself and read on to the next point.
I am normal;Take deep breaths.This helps big time. Some times it is normal to feel stifled and helpless because of the lack of Oxygen in our system. So breathe in, breathe out. That will improve the condition for good. Increased Oxygen supply will calm down our nerves and will definitely boost up our thinking capacity.
breatheTry sipping water. Water activates the brain cells. Do not gulp down the entire bottle/glass at a go. Take sip after sip, relish the taste of the elixir and be conscious of the lquid going down your throat. You will feel fresh.
Go out and get some fresh air. This is a very crucial point. Being imprisoned in a room for longer duration will actually drive a lot of us crazy. So just shut the books and take a walk or even better, run.
fresh air
Go Offline. I mean it when I say this. Switch off the gadgets and just talk to people around you. No, not about studies but just random chit-chats. Smile at them. You will feel loads better. Do not go on WhatsApp or facebook, that is a sure shot stairway to hell. So please don’t.
Pray. For those who believe in God or any form of divinity, light up some agarbathis, let the fragrance spread oevr the room. Just meditate or pray or play some chants in the background and sit silently soaking it up.
Have a  nice shower. This will definitely relax your muscles and help you go long way in achieving the day’s targets.
Be practical and understand that this shall also pass. Just a month more, at the max. You have lasted this long, and you could very well pull it off for a month  more. Cheer up.
Why I say all this is that, we must understand that most woes that we face in the course of preparation and exam-giving is plain psychology. So we attack our mind and set that portion right which will then reflect in our thoughts.
Finally stay happy when you study. Relish the joy in studying. Be happy to give the exams, I am sure it will reflect in the results.
Good luck guys, for all those aspiring to become CA, CMA or CS this time! Get going.
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