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    Capital Allocation, Last Antecedent Rule and Pushbutton

    Today's Finance Jargon
    Capital Allocation
    Capital allocation is a process of how businesses divide their financial resources and other sources of capital to different processes, people and projects. Overall, it is management's goal to optimize capital allocation so that it generates as much wealth as possible for its shareholders.

    Today's Law Jargon

    Last Antecedent Rule
    n. a doctrine of interpretation (construction) of statutes that any qualifying words or phrases refer to the language immediately preceding the qualifier, unless common sense shows that it was meant to apply to something more distant or less obvious. Example: "The commercial vehicular license shall not apply to boats, tractors, and trucks, with only four wheels and under three tons…," the qualifier "only four wheels and under three tons" applies only to trucks and not boats or tractors.

    Today's Engineering Jargon

    A switch which is engaged by pushing a button in. In most cases there are several button options so that when one is selected, the previously selected button is pushed back out (de-selected).

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