Golden Rules for Successful Trading in Stock Market

Golden Rules for Successful Trading:-

1. Divide your capital into 10 equal risk parts.
2. Never over trade.
3. Never place order for BUY/SELL without stop loss conditions.
4. Never let profit turn into loss.
5. Trade with the trend.
6. Never take lead you may loose heavily.
7. Never try to be over smart.
8. Don't trade if trend not clear
9. Don't follow tips only.
10. Use the right orders only.
11. Withdraw portion of profits.
12. Don't be whimsical about closing your trades.
13. Never buy a stock to get dividend.
14. Never average your losses.
15. Take big profits and small losses.
16. Sell short as often as you go long.
17. Never buy any stock just it is low priced.
18. Pyramid your trades correctly.
19. Decrease your trading after a series of successful trades.
20. Don't change your opinions during market hours.
21. Don't follow the crowd - they are usually wrong.
22. Buy on rumor and sell on news.
23. Take windfall gains when you get.
24. Keep your charts up to date.
25. Preserve your capital.
26. Nothing ever new occurs in market.
27. Markets are never wrong opinion may be.
28. Never permit speculative ventures to turn into investments.
29. Never try to predetermine your profits.
30. Never buy a stock just because it is low priced or don't sell just because it is high priced.
31. Look for reasonable profits.
32. Buy as soon as a stock makes new highs after a normal reaction.
33. Ban wishful thinking in the market.
34. Leaders of today may not be leaders of tomorrow.
35. Don't be too cautious about reasons behind the moves.
36. Trade only the active stocks.
37. Bear markets have no support and bull markets have no resistance.
38. The smarter you are the longer it takes.
39. It is very hard to get out of a trade than to get in.
40. Don't talk about what you are doing in the market.
41. When time is up, markets must reverse.
42. Control what you can; manage what you can not.
43. Big movements take time to develop.
44. A good trade is profitable right from the start.
45. If you can not make money trading the leading issues you can not make it trading the overall
46. Avoid partnership in trading accounts.
47. The human side of every person is the greatest enemy of successful trading.
48. Money can not be made every day in the market.
49. As long as market is acting right don't rush to take profits.
50. Never buy a stock just because it has fallen from a great high, nor sell a stock because it is
high priced.

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