Quitting Is Not the Solution: CA Student

Quitting Is Not the Solution: CA Student

Found an article written by a failed IPCC student. It’s worth at least one read.

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To everyone who failed today... I want you all to please read this just once... Like you all I also failed today. I failed in proving myself... I failed in fulfilling my parent’s dreams that they saw for me... Many of my fellow friends are asking me to quit coz i have failed for the third time... But inside me there is a war going on, in spite of putting all my efforts I failed n now people are advising me to quit...

How can I quit a dream which my parents dreamt for me...? How can I quit studying a profession which i thought would bring me success in future...? I know it very well somewhere you all must be feeling the same... Quitting is a big decision... Quitting CA for me is like taking my heart out and giving it to someone n still trying to continue living... Attempts don’t matter, but the way you present yourself matters...

So to everyone out there, who is facing this dilemma, please think about all the aspects carefully... Listen to what your heart says instead of what your friends are saying... You all are mature enough to take right decisions for yourself... If you think that you can be successful in some other field, so quit... But if somewhere deep down in  your heart you feel that you can do better, so stick to this field and fight back... Now it’s all upto you..

After giving so much to CA CAN YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT ATTAINING THE TWO LETTERS “CA” IN FRONT OF YOUR NAME??? Must share if you like this. You can help anyone who is depressed right now!!!

***The publisher doesn't claim the article to be his. It is a shared article from internet

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