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    INFOSYS Launches Three New Services “AIKIDO”


    India’s second largest IT services company Infosys on 20 August 2015 launched Aikido, three enhanced service offerings in design thinking, platforms and knowledge-based IT (KBIT).

    AIkido services are aimed at helping its clients address three key aspects of their business. The three service offerings are Ki in Knowledge-Based IT, Do in Design Thinking, and Ai in Platforms.

    Two out of the three new services will be offered by Infosys Consulting, headed by Sanjay Purohit.

    • The first of the services is Ki, it is a large-scale, modular service to help renew enterprise landscapes.
    • The services will include knowledge-based IT strategy, knowledge creation services, and knowledge-based cost optimization.
    • It aims to help enterprises renew their mainframe applications, support cost optimization and drive automation in business operations.

    • The second service Do refers to the service offering on Design Thinking and design-led initiatives.
    • Do service will provide Infosys the framework for finding, understanding and defining the problems that are most important to clients and their businesses.

    • Ai refers to platform and platforms as a service to build intelligent solutions.
    • This will include the Infosys-automation platform, Panaya and other offerings in the engineering services, BPO and testing space.
    • Mobile platforms based on Skava also come under this new service.

    Jointly, Ai, Ki and Do together form Aikido, the East-Asian martial arts and just as Aikido aims to understand the forces, and redirect these it into a fundamental strength.

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