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    MBA Preparation: How should you make your points in a group discussion?

    Rarely do we get a structured and precise answer for this question as well.
    When a candidate speaks to his/her point in a group discussion, a moderator will judge him/her on three main parameters.

    They are;
    1. Content 
    2. Verbal Communication
    3. Non Verbal Communication

    The point that you are about to make must - 
    • Express richness (diversity/innovative) of your thoughts. 
    • Be structured
    • Express your knowledge (facts/quote) on the topic. 
    • Be relevant to the topic and the point that the group might be discussing at that moment.

    The way you put your content/point forward is also very important. It must - 
    • Be simple and devoid of any jargons. 
    • Be precise and short. 
    • Not be extreme in thoughts.
    • Be practical rather than ideal. 
    • Express modulation in your voice.

    While you are making your point your body language speaks simultaneously. It tells a lot about you. While speaking you must - 
    • Maintain eye contact with all the members. 
    • Body should be relaxed and calm.
    • Hand movements should be controlled.

    Of course there are many points to take note off, but the above points are a must.

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