CA Fail !!! A Next Opportunity...

Dear friends after the results are out. Many of us may not make it happen. Let me tell you a fact that CA is the toughest course in the world consistently since last 3 years as per Limca Books of records.

But the Students who has not been cleared the exam, don't feel sad because even well-known Chartered Accountants who are in Practice have not cleared CA exam without fail.

Do you know !!!

A Practicing Chartered Accountant   from Visakhapatnam who is Expert in Taxation, Can you imagine How many Years he took to become a Chartered Accountant???

Don't get Surprised..!!!

"Dream comes true in almost 10 Years."
Yes, It's True.

We should definitely appreciate his Determination and Hardwork in completing his ambition of clearing CA Exam.

So Clearing Exam is Important and at the same time if you able to clear the exam in the minimal attempts is also good thing. If at all that was not happened in some cases. Don't worry. Try to make most of it by doing extreme Hardwork of doing all the Problems & left concepts.

"Great actor Mr. Amitabh bacchan took 11 flop films to get his 1st box office movie. So its your commitment  towards your dream count."

Read 100% and Win 100%.

Most of the students will not read 100% of the subjects. So try to minimize that gap of failure to win 100% in the next attempt.


At present, few of students after facing some attempts start discovering new professions.I believe  which is not correct.

As old saying.....

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end."

Even the Success stories Often Begin with Failure as pointed out in article above.

So Never Give up friends.

You need to be with Patience and have courage to write the next attempt with the Tonnes of Positive energy to Clear the exam and show what you are to the people who comment your failure.

We can learn from life of great cricketer Mr. Sachin Tendulkar.

He always shut his critics on ground by his score and not in conference by counter reply.

Therefore friends golden rule is....

"Your Language of reply to those who comments you on your failure is always through your Success but not by your Words."

A prestigious Professional is waiting for you friends just have passions to achieve....... 

Then result will only be formality.

All the Best ....!!!

Happy Winning :)

Note: Above Article is written by Our Active Member CA.Roshan Jain.

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