10 Most Expensive Stock Price in India

1. MRF – Price Per Share Rs. 40233
Indian Tyre Manufacturer company holds the record of most expensive stock price in India. What’s more interesting is that in February 2014 MRF Share Price was 18700, and in 1 year it rose to 40000. One of the most profitable share.
2. Bosch – Price Per Share Rs. 23,800
A German based Engineering and Electronics company whose share price in India is second highest. In February last year, its share price was 8,857 Rs and now cost around 24,000 Rs.
3. Tide Water Oil – Price Per Share Rs. 18,800
Tide Water Oil is One of the biggest Lubricant company in India. It has also third most expensive stock price in India. If we compare its share price from February 2014, it has gained Around 11,000 Rs
4. Eicher – Price Per Share Rs. 16,089
Eicher is an Indian Auto maker, manufacturer of Commercial vehicles in India. Apart from that it also owns Indian Premium Motorcycle brand Royal Enfield. Cost of one Share of Eicher group is around 16000 Rs. which was 4500 in February 2014.
5. Page Industries – Price Per Share Rs. 11,900
Page Industries also known as Jockey India is the licensee of Jockey Underwear and Speedo in India and Sri Lanka. It’s share price is one of the most expensive stock price in India. From February 2014 to February 2015, its share price has increased by 7,000 Rs.
6. Shree Cements – Price Per Share Rs. 10,695
Shree Cement is one of the biggest Cement production company in India. Its flagship brand is Bangur Cement. It also produces and sells power by the name of Shree Power. In February 2014 its share price was 4234 Rs. which is now 10,695.
7. Polson – Price Per Share Rs. 9,600
Polson is a former Dairy brand which is now in Leather extraction business. It is one of the most expensive stock price in Indian market. From February 2014 to February 2015 its share price increased 7,000 Rs.
8. Honeywell – Price Per Share Rs. 7,300
Honeywell Automation India Limited is a Building Automation Solutions provider. Listed on both BSE and NSE, it ranks among top 10 most expensive stock market in India. Its Share Price in February 2014 was 2500 and now it is 7,300 Rs
9. Nestle – Price Per Share Rs. 7,000
Nestle is Swiss multinational food and beverage company. It is largest food company in the world. Nestle India’s stock price is 7,300 which makes it 9th most expensive stock price in India. Nestle India’s share price took a jump of 2000 from February 2014.
10. 3M India – Price _ Share Rs. 6,899
3M is an American multinational conglomerate corporation. Its Indian unit 3M India is listed under BSE and NSE and as of February 2015 it is 10th costliest stock in India. In February 2014 its share price was around 3,700 which increased upto 7,000 Rs in February 2015.

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