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1.       Just after you brush your teeth, look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Even if you can't think of a reason to, still just smile and keep it up for 10 seconds. Guaranteed you will spend rest of the day happier.
2.    Whenever you find yourself opening Facebook or Whats-app again and again. Put away your laptop and phone and go on a short walk wherever you can. Walking is known to help collect your thoughts and relaxing you.
3.      Meditate for 10 minutes. If you have no clue how to, just sit in a quiet place and try counting your breaths till 10-15. Your focus should be on your breath and no thinking. Restart counting as soon as your mind distracts you and you find yourself thinking of something else.
4.     Before your sit to work, remind yourself of TWO things that you need finished today (only two, no more). Remind yourself again in the lunch time. There are high chances you will get more important things done this way.
   5.  Just before sleeping, tell your brain to wake you up at ___a.m. You will be surprised when soon you would stop needing the alarm clock. Still a stubborn sleeper? Put your cell phone some distance away from you when sleeping so that you need to walk up to it when the alarm rings.
   6. Revisit your day and remember the positive/good things from the day. Be thankful for those.
   7. Try to do at least one new thing - be it taking a different route to work, talking to a new person, experimenting an activity you haven't before. Don't let your curiosity and awe die in the daily grind.

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