Coping up with failure in CA exams

OK. Now is the right time for me to pen these thoughts down since all classes of CA students have got their results for the exams conducted in the month of May/June 2015. The reason I am writing this is because I have seen and experienced failure firsthand and who better to give gems of wisdom than the one who has "been there".
Failure is not something that is extra ordinary when it comes to CA exams, my friends. It is actually a part and parcel of the road to becoming a CA. So fret not, hop aboard and know why failure isn't that big a deal.

1. First things first. Failure in CA exams doesn't signal the end of everything. Understand one thing very clearly, you were born not to just become a CA and getting the degree isn't the sole purpose of your life. There is a life beyond and apart from this. So calm down and take a deep breath and be grateful for whatever you have.

2. Understand that it might not be your fault at all that you have failed in this exam. It is a known thing about luck that plays a major role in one's life and consider this as your bad luck. Once your conscience is clear of guilt and remorse, go to the next point below.

3. Introspect. Yes. Introspect on what might have gone wrong and focus on how to rectify that and not over post mortem.

4. Vent out your anger or despair by any means. That's why you are blessed with a lovely family and an awesome set of friends. Talk to them. Open your heart. Share your thoughts. You will feel loads better and all charged up to conquer the world , if need be.

5. Resolve. Take it up as a challenge to prepare even better this time around and plug in all the gaping holes you might have had in your previous attempt. Get help from experts  if necessary.

6. Keep envisioning yourself as a symbol of success. That will motivate you to keep working. Visualise yourself graduating with top honors. That helps to a great extent in keeping you in good spirits.

7. Do not compare yourself with anybody. You are you for a good reason. Try to make yourself better every passing day. Understand everybody is fighting his own battle and you must fight yours.

8. Take occasional breaks from your hectic schedule. Don't be too hard on yourself that at the end you get frustrated. Relax and do your work.

9. Finally, do not expect anything so much. Expectations leads to disappointments and it is always better to be surprised than to be shattered. Do your duty to the cut and chill out. Live in the moment and don't worry much about the future.

At the end of the day, we all have a life other than CA and make sure that you don't lose it in your pursuit to success. Failure is inevitable in certain spheres of occupation , we just have to understand that it makes us a stronger and a better person. After all this struggle, when we finally graduate as CA, it will be the sweetest thing that we would have experienced in life.

Megha Sreeram

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