The Role of a Lawyer

When people hear the word lawyer being spoken, they usually think of an individual who goes to court everyday and stands before a judge defending the freedom of another individual. This is true in some cases; however, there are many different types of lawyers with a variety of job responsibilities and duties. No matter what type of lawyer one may be they ultimately have an extremely important role in the lives of others.

What Is A Lawyer?

A lawyer is an individual who defends a person or entity in various legal proceedings. The legal proceedings may fall into a variety of different categories yet most are either considered criminal litigation or civil litigation. The lawyer is a person who acts on behalf of another and voices the opinion of their client in a manner which is in their best interest.

What Are The General Responsibilities of a Lawyer?

There are many different general responsibilities of a lawyer. This individual will represent clients in court, mediations, business transactions and other important legal proceedings or arrangements where the law will be discussed. The lawyer meets with the clients before, during and after legal proceedings to ensure that the client fully understands all aspects of their case. In general, the lawyer is the individual who represents another in all issues where legal representation is advised and deemed necessary.

What Are The Specific Duties of Lawyers?

A lawyer has many duties relevant to their occupation. One important duty that the lawyer must perform in their profession is maintaining client contact. Lawyers always represent someone, whether it be an individual or entity, and therefore it is important that the lawyer report all progress and pertinent information to their client in order to keep them well informed. 

Another specific duty of lawyers is to provide in-person representation at court hearings and other legal proceedings. Whether the lawyer is involved with criminal litigation or civil litigation, there is most likely going to be some form of legal proceeding that they must attend on behalf of their client. The lawyer in this duty will speak on behalf of the client and advise the client on how to proceed. 

As stated earlier, the role of a lawyer is not simply to appear in court and argue passionately on behalf of the client. There is a multitude of background work which lawyers must do in order to adequately prepare a case or pursue a legal matter. There are many legal documents that need to be drafted and although paralegals and legal secretaries can draft some of these documents, there are still many lawyers who choose to do so themselves.
Contact with clients is not the only type of conversation which lawyers must have with individuals. Lawyers spend a great deal of time talking on the phone, negotiating, sending email and mail correspondence and faxing pertinent documents to and from involved parties . Again, paralegals and legal secretaries can help with this voluminous task but lawyers should try to do as much as they can themselves whenever possible and be sure to review all documents before they leave their office. There are certain duties which must be performed by the lawyers themselves, such as negotiating with opposing parties, for example. 

Another important duty which lawyers engage in on a frequent basis is research. There are many different forms of research which lawyers can do such as researching statutes, procedural rules, evidence, pertinent documentation and more. A large portion of a lawyer’s time is spent reviewing and compiling research to aid them in the representation of a client.

What Traits Must An Individual Have In Order to Be An Effective Lawyer?

In order for an individual to be an effective lawyer, he/she must have certain traits and attributes in order to excel in this occupation. One important trait which lawyers should possess is that of articulation. A lawyer who can articulate effectively is one who will be more likely to succeed not only against opposing parties in court but also to impress and put their client at ease as well. An articulate lawyer is one who will see results. 

Another trait which lawyers should have is intelligence. Having this positive attribute will ensure that the person representing the client is one who is smart enough to know what to do, when to do it and how to go about getting the results which are necessary to win the case and/or abide by the client’s wishes. A lawyer who uses their brain is more likely to see the best possible outcome from a case. 

It can arguably be said that those who become lawyers are individuals who like to read. The legal profession is filled with volumes of laws, regulations, cases and rules. If one does not favor reading, then becoming a lawyer may not be the best bet, as the legal field is one which requires massive amounts of reading. 

Good comprehension skills are another favorable trait which all lawyers should have. Although one who likes to read may be a candidate for the legal profession, this in and of itself means nothing if the person reading does not comprehend that which they just read. Statutes and procedural rules are difficult to understand at times and those who have good comprehension skills may prosper at being a lawyer as they will have to read the pertinent documentation much less than those without good comprehension skills. 

A good personality and willingness to work well with others are two additional positive traits which all lawyers should possess. Some people may think that lawyers have to be tough as nails in order to excel in the legal profession but this is not entirely true. Although steadfast determination is a good trait to have, it does not mean a whole lot if one does not have a good personality and willingness to resolve matters. The saying that one can catch more flies with honey than vinegar is also relevant with regard to being a lawyer. Negotiations go much better when the lawyers put their best foot forward and are willing to come to an amicable solution. 

Lastly, persuasiveness is an additional trait which all lawyers should possess. Since the legal profession is based around lawyers persuading individuals to see their point of view, a lawyer must be persuasive in their speech and tactics.
A lawyer who can get their point across and persuade individuals to acknowledge it is one who will see many victories.


Lawyers are individuals who have a wide range of responsibilities and duties when it comes to their profession. Their role in society is even more important as they are acting as a voice for others. The aforementioned items are just a few of the many duties which lawyers complete on a daily basis.

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