Notification for Extension of date for receipt of ITR-Vs in CPC. Bengaluru

Notification for Extension of date for receipt of ITR-Vs in CPC. Bengaluru. for the cases of AY 2O12-13 and 2O13-14 received/e-filed in FY 2O12-13- Reg.

There are many taxpayers who have uploaded their Income Tax Returns
(without digital signature Certificate) for A.Y. 2OI2-13 [filed between
1.4.2012 to 31.1O.2O13] and for A.Y. 2013-14 [filed between 1.4.2O13
to 31.1O.2O13], but have either not filed the corresponding ITR-V or have
filed it with the local Income-Tax Office. ITR-Vis accepted only at CPC,
Bengaluru by ordinary or speed post. Therefore an opportunity is being
given to such taxpayers to regularize their Income-tax returns.
All Such taxpayers may mail the ITR-V, by 31"t March, 2O14, by ordinary
post or speed post at Post Bag No. I, Electronic city Post Office,
Bengaluru-560100 (Karnataka). Taxpayers who have filed their ITR-V with
the local Income-tax office may again mail their ITR-V to the CPC by 31st
March, 2014. Those taxpayers who have earlier mailed their ITR-V, but
have not received the acknowledgement e-mail from the CPC, may mail
their ITR-V to the CPC again.
The ITR-V form should be mailed to the CPC only at the above address by
ordinary post or speed post. Taxpayers may note that no other place or
form of delivery will be accepted.
Taxpayers may also note that without acknowledgement of the ITR-V from
the CPC it would not be possible for the Income -tax Department to process
the Income-tax returns or issue any refunds there from, as these would be
treated as not having been filed with the Department.

Sajeev Singh
Director of lncome Tax (Systems )-Il
New Delhi

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