Top 10 Indian Cyber Crimes While Filing Online ITRs

1. Sending request to password change of any other person without authority.

2. Quoting false address or email for creating PAN ID in online data on behalf of assessee.

3. Registering PAN on Income Tax Portal without the PAN holders consent.

4. Hacking password with false digital signatures.

5. Not disclosing the password created for the Assessee.

6. Claiming false income tax refunds.

7. Quoting bogus online bank challan entry in self-assessment paid tax challan.

8. No TDS deposit but deduction from taxpayer with fake online entries.

9. Filing income tax return claiming false deductions for tax saving.

10. Bogus online complaints against assessee for personal grudges.

Note: This article does not belong to us just for sharing knowledgeable information, we have taken this data from other sites.

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