E-Filing of Tax Audit Report – Needs immediate Date Extension

Please Announce the Date Extension Immediately
The 12th Version of the E-filing utility was introduced yesterday, the site was closed for two hours for maintenance the day before, all the software were not working for want of updation and the professionals are working very hard round the clock but this is a race “against the time”.

There are solid reasons for extension of date and practically there is no need to explain these reasons and the problems faced by the professionals this year.

Why there is so much delay in announcing the extension of date for filing of audit report?
Individually in every case one has the reasonable cause for delay in filing the audit report and causes are self-explanatory as mentioned above but it will create a chaos – Section 271B read with section 273B of the Income Tax Act 1961.

It is already late hence there should be a prudent action from the concerned authorities to extend the date immediately without any further delay.

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