Tax Structure In India

1)    What R U Doing? 
Ans. : Business 
Tax :Pay Professional Tax!

2)    What R U Doing In Business? 
Ans. : Selling The Goods. 
Tax : Pay Sales Tax!!

3)    From Where R U Getting Goods? 
Ans. : From Other State/Abroad 
Tax : Pay Central Sales Tax, Custom Duty & Octroi!

4)    What R U Getting In Selling Goods? 
Ans. : Profit
Tax : Pay Income Tax!

5)    How Do You Distribute Profit? 
Ans : By Way Of Dividend 
Tax : Pay Dividend Distribution Tax
6)    Where U Manufacturing The Goods? 
Ans. : Factory
Tax : Pay Excise Duty!

7)    Do U Have Office / Warehouse/ Factory?
Ans. : Yes 
Tax : Pay Municipal & Fire Tax!

8)    Do You Have Staff? 
Ans. : Yes 
Tax : Pay Staff Professional Tax!

9)    Doing Business In Millions? 
Ans. : Yes 
Tax : Pay Turnover Tax! 

Ans : No
Tax : Then Pay Minimum Alternate Tax

10) R U Taking Out Over 25,000 Cash From Bank?
Ans. : Yes, For Salary. 
Tax : Pay Cash Handling Tax!

11) Where R U Taking Your Client For Lunch & Dinner? 
Ans. : Hotel 
Tax : Pay Food & Entertainment Tax!

12) R U Going Out Of Station For Business? 
Ans. : Yes 
Tax : Pay Fringe Benefit Tax!

13) Hav U Taken Or Given Any Service/S?
Ans. : Yes 
Tax : Pay Service Tax!

14) How Come U Got Such A Big Amount?
Ans. : Gift On Birthday
Tax : Pay Gift Tax!

15) Do U Have Any Wealth? 
Ans. : Yes
Tax : Pay Wealth Tax!

16) To Reduce Tension, For Entertainment, Where Are You Going? 
Ans. : Cinema Or Resort
Tax : Pay Entertainment Tax!

17) Hav U Purchased House? 
Ans. : Yes
Tax : Pay Stamp Duty & Registration Fee !

18) How U Travel?
Ans. : Bus
Tax : Pay Surcharge!

19) Any Additional Tax? 
Ans. : Yes 
Tax : Pay Educational, Additional Educational & Surcharge On All The Central Govt.'S Tax !!!

20) Delayed Any Time Paying Any Tax?
Ans. : Yes
Tax : Pay Interest & Penalty!

21) Do You Want Growth Of India.?
Ans: Offcource Yes .
Pay Electricity Tax, Water Tax, Education Tax & Other Tax ,Which Is Used By Defulter People.

22) Indian :: Can I Die Now?? 
Ans :: Wait We Are About To Launch The Funeral Tax!!......

Jago Indian Jago....
Varna Yaha Saans Lene Par Bhi Tax Lagega....

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